Sunday at 25 FPS

As we wait for tonight’s award ceremony, let’s cosy in just a bit longer at the MM Centre and SC Cinema and enjoy the poetic reflections on darkness and alienation.

Our guest speaker Daïchi Saïto uses darkness as an element of difference which engulfs the scenes of physical landscapes in undulating surges before we are able to discern them fully or at all. At the same time, darkness gives them texture, a place where their formal attributes surface – colours, forms and relations between elements in space. Saïto Engram of Returning evokes scenes instead of showing them, imitating our mental process of recalling memories. Of his poetics and aesthetics the author will speak at the lecture Spaces Between Images at 3pm at the MM Centre. After the award ceremony and screening of award-winning film, at 20pm Engram of Returning will rumble across the SC Cinema, with musical accompaniment from the Canadian saxophonist Jason Sharp.

Our third Jury's Choice program presents Dane Komljen and his long feature debut All the Cities of the North. Since our last encounter (Surplus of Wind, 2014), Dane has expanded his vision to the feature length. The film, despite its globetrotting pedigree, focuses the narrative on a specific geographic location, an abandoned hotel resort on the border between Montenegro and Albania. An imposing, today forgotten dream of Yugoslav modernism, seen from above seems ‘like a constellation’ while on the ground its rigorous architecture is overgrown with vegetation. To Komljen’s lonely protagonists, the ruins are much more than a symbol of failed dreams and crumbling times. They are the place that connects people, a point of utopian reflection on ‘the new social order’ build on ‘garbage and surplus’; a shared space where people can be alone. Join the conversation with Komljen and Davor Konjikušić right after the screening. 

We are closing Kino SC with the third performance by Bruce McClureCompliments Are Made Darkest by Daylight, title of this site-specific projector performance, evokes perceptive bursts in the comforting drone of the vast cinema.