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Farewell 2015, welcome 2016!

Among many other fantastic things, 2016 will bring you the 12th 25 FPS Festival edition from 29th September to 2nd October. But let us say it loud - we wish you the end of the year full of liveliness and joy!
xoxo 25 FPS


11th 25 FPS Festival Awards 2015

The 11th 25 FPS Festival edition has ended, with fantastic films before our eyes. Here are the palmarés. Congratulations!


Day Four - A Fair of Restored Gems + Sonic Parade

The competition part of the programme is behind us and a time has come for a proper film chilling. However, a Sunday afternoon at SC cinema is all but lazy! At 4pm at SC cinema we will be gathered by Mark Toscano, the third member of our distinguished jury of peers. Aside from coming to see a host of good competition films, Mr Toscano came to generously show us celluloid gems he worked on as a conserver at the Academy Archives in the last dozen years. 


Day Three - Swallowing Films

At 2pm Peter Tscherkassky is sharing with audience his way of making films for over a two decades - without a camera in a dark room. What does it mean to make a found footage films, all the challenges of working with a film strip in the digital age we'll find out in MM center through a lecture Stricly Handmade



Day Two – How far can we see while looking in the dark?

After Julien Maire and his yesterday’s performance mercilessly destroyed the concept of moving images, jury member Anouk De Clercq and her film programme will give us a lesson in anatomy of another constructive element of film experience – a cinema. 


Day One: Opening, Disintegration, Branding & Rudimentary Topography

A four-day oasis of experimental film opens – without film! Julien Maire will warm our senses and grey cells with an anarchist performance called Open Core, somewhere between a lecture and a performance. We will analyse what are ‘moving images’ and ‘film medium’ in the first place, while Mr Maire will joyfully torture the cinematography and projection equipment in front of us to produce film images in technologically curious (or sanctimonious, as the profession would see it) ways – but ways telling something about the inherent qualities of the medium we all adore this much. Join us at the MM centre at 6pm for a destructive-constructive insight into the secrets of cinematic alchemy.