A Comprehensive Theory

Rui Hu 全面理论, China, 2021, 8', DCP
Special Mention

A Comprehensive Theory is a conceptual 3D simulated animation stemmed from the question how in several languages, the word "clue", now means a trace or piece of information that can lead to further revelation, originally referred to lines or strings. Further inspired by notions in quantum physics and cosmology, in A Comprehensive Theory, the linear form is used to explore the duality of connection and confinement, chaos and order, and parallel and entanglement. In addition, a library, which represents the collection and organization of human knowledge, serves as the site holding the combination of and tension between books, globes, light, staircase, chains, and a statue of the Sleeping Ariadne, signaling the act of navigating through the network of information.

Fri 23/9 Kino Kinoteka 18:00