A Proposal to project in Scope

Victoria Schmid AT, LT, 2020, 8', 35 mm

​Victoria Schmid's A Proposal to project in Scope (2020) begins with a shot of shallow rolling waves. Images are seen of a deserted beach, overgrown dunes and the brush of a pine forest, accompanied by sounds of the ocean quietly lapping, rustling winds, and birds twittering. 

Shot in 35mm CinemaScope, the opening of this short suggests a documentary approach characteristic of avant-garde films made in the 1960s and 1970s. However, following upon Schmid's A Proposal to project in 4:3 (2017), A Proposal to project in Scope opens a perspective that differs from historical works dedicated to exploring the relationship between the representation of landscape and the medium of film, as found for example in works by Michael Snow and Guy Sherwin. (Bettina Brunner)

Fri 25/9 Kino SC 20:00