A Study of Fly

Cherlyn Hsing-Hsin Liu TW, US, 2018, 13', 16 mm

A Study of Fly, neither A Study of A Fly nor A Study of Flying. The fly in this film is both a noun and a verb, an analogue and a metaphor, and a state between life and death. The entire work was done with an optical printer and hand processing. In the last passage you will see a CT scanned image of a 1000-year-old Buddha statue, inside which a real human body was discovered, mummified in a lotus position. It was a Buddhist monk who as he was dying decided to have himself sealed inside the statue. Was he trying to reach a state between human and Buddha? Seeking a status between life, preserved life, and the afterlife? Shall we fly?

Sat 26/9 Kino SC 20:00