Analogue Film in the Digital Age

Analogni film u digitalnom dobu

Challenges in distribution and film exhibition

With: Emmanuel Lefrant (Light Cone, FR), Ieva Balode (Baltic Analog Lab, LV), Emmanuel Falguières (L'Abominable – Navire Argo, FR), Petra Belc (independent scholar / Kinoklub Zagreb, HR) 

Hosted by: Ejla Kovačević 

As part of the programme dedicated to contemporary trends in analogue film and independent film laboratories, a round table will be held on the topic of challenges that film artists, curators, distributors and cinemas face every day when working with analogue film. Distribution and cinema exhibiting are important branches that allow works made on film to reach the audience, but they encounter more and more difficulties due to the global digitization of the film industry. The aim of the round table is to open a wider discussion about the current status of photochemical film in the film industry, and to point out possible alternative ways and solutions, inside or outside the institutions, that would make the extremely rich experimental photochemical film production available to the general public.

Emmanuel Lefrant is a French film artist who shoots exclusively on film tape. His films are based on the idea of ​​revealing the world and nature invisible to man. In 2000, together with three other artists, he founded the collective Nominoë, with which he works on expanded cinema performances and is a guest at numerous exhibitions and festivals (Centre Pompidou, Rotterdam Film Festival, 25 FPS Festival...). Since 2007, he has been the director of Light Cone, an independent archive and distributor of experimental film based in Paris.

Ieva Balode (1987, Riga) is a Latvian artist and activist in the field of photochemical film, who works with analogue film and images. Her films, performances and installations have been presented at numerous international exhibitions and festivals. She is one of the founders of Baltic Analog Lab, an artistic collective that provides a space and platform for production, research and education in the field of photochemical film. She is the director of the Experimental Film Festival ‘Process’, which has been taking place in Riga since 2017.

Emmanuel Falguières is a French documentary filmmaker active in independent film labs since 2012. He originally worked at L’Etna lab and now works at L’Abominable providing technical support to filmmakers and working on the new Navira Argo project at the former Éclair film lab. His latest feature film, Nulle part avant (2018), explores the relationship between memory, heritage and archives through the story of three women in the west of France and won a special prize at the Les Écrans Documentaires festival.

Petra Belc received a PhD in the field of experimental film (topic: Poetics of Yugoslav Experimental Cinema in the 1960s and 1970s) at the Department of Film Studies, Department of Comparative Literature, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. She previously completed the Educational Programme of the Centre for Women’s Studies in Zagreb, and studied philosophy and comparative religion at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus. For a number of years, she worked as an editor and producer of film and television trailers and TV programme promotions. She explores the fields of feminism, contemporary art, experimental film, and archiving and preservation of substandard film formats. She volunteers at the Heritage Preservation Department of Kinoklub Zagreb.

Ejla Kovačević is an independent film critic and researcher in the field of art and experimental film. She is a member of the curatorial team of the 25 FPS Festival, KINOSKOP Analogue Experimental Film Festival (Belgrade) and Glitch Art Festival /’fu:bar/ in Zagreb. Since 2011, she has been working in the Klubvizija film laboratory, where she organises workshops, screenings and lectures on analogue film practice. During her studies, she perfected her skills in the field of experimental film distribution at the Light Cone cooperative in Paris. She publishes texts in various media outlets for film and culture (Hrvatski filmski ljetopis, Filmoskop show, Vizkultura...). She is a member of the Croatian Film Critics Association.

Fri 23/9 Kino Kinoteka 12:00