Binary Pitch

Vladislav Knežević HR, 2013, 7', DCP

In the geometry of a static shot, elements of architecture and space become the subject of a visual experiment. The video consists of three parts: activation (drawing the auditorium out) – coding (central part) – deactivation (drawing the auditorium in). The key notions from Max Bense’s text Aesthetics and Programming (1968) are coded in zeros and ones by way of an animation procedure of lifting and lowering the seats. This cryptic confession of the machine anticipates the virtual reality in which all communication is mediated by the sequences of bits. The auditorium composed of eight rows with 16 chairs depicts the field of articulation of a digital code. Architecture of the hall represents institutional surrounding, physical space and a place of establishing a relationship with the perception of space, time and film.

Sun 29/9 Kino SC 18:00