Bird's Fountain

Chourouk Hriech FR, 2017, 4', HD video

A woman is carrying a pitcher with filling water… we don’t know where the water is coming from, but it slowly overflows the young woman’s impeccable white toga and she turns to look at us. The gaze intensifies, the water gets blacker and blacker. This video refers to the popular saying: „the pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last“, the piece La pluie by Marcel Broodthaers (1969), women’s bodies connected to different vases each is carrying in 1643 Nicolas Poussin’s painting Éliézer et Rébecca, and finally the connection with the pottery wheel which here implies a model turning by itself and whose water and ink form expressions while gradually pouring over it.

Photo: Courtesy of Chourouk Hriech & Galerie Anne-Sarah Bénicho

Sat 26/9 Kino SC 16:00