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Center Fugue

Roberts Vanags Latvia, 2021, 3', 16 mm > digital

There was only one picture hanging on my piano teacher’s wall — a portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach. It was through his creative work that I became familiar with the fugue — the highest form of polyphonic music. It consists of several voices that follow a certain tonal plan with one or several themes winding through all of the voices. I carried this principal of winding and repetition over to the visual realm – I edited the footage I captured on an 8 mm Bolex camera following these same ideas, at the same time playing around and experimenting with time. We are centric beings that the world we’ve created orbits around, repeating itself in different themes that interact with each other. Depending on the setting, we feel time a little differently each day. Each from our own centre. Each at our own pace. Center Fugue is a reflection on the complex relationship between man and spacetime.

Thu 22/9 Kino Kinoteka 16:00