Darwin Darwah

Arash Nassiri FR, 2016, 12', DCP

Darwin Darwah is named after a taxi driver expression comparing Darwin’s theory to the Arabic word “Darwah” (meaning “a mess”). During a single traveling in Paris catacombs, a voice-over tells us stories about hidden underground cities and their connection in civilizations. While hearing these stories, artefacts from these civilizations appear as fossils on the tunnel walls. He suggests Egyptians built Paris, Alien life eradicated Dinosaurs to put Humans in their place etc. All his theories are beliefs popularized by YouTube conspiracy videos. Conspiracy theories are linked to the apparition of mass media. With Internet, a series of new mythologies appeared and are propagated globally. For the making of this video we used 3D scans of Paris catacombs tunnels combined with scans of museums historical collection: Louvre Egyptian antiques, Paris historical museum, Museum of palaeontology.

Fri 30/9 Kino SC 18:00
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  • Audience Award
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