Daïchi Saïto CA, 2021, 30', 35 mm

Dawn breaks where land is flesh 
And bones’ echoes; 
You’ve lived through extinctions –   
Stars, skies, sand and seas; 
Future is catching us up at last, 
And all the dead are ahead of us. 

earthearthearth takes the majesty of the Andes mountain range in Chile as the starting point of an otherworldly journey. Across the film’s thirty minute duration, Daïchi Saïto continually shifts our view of the rocky landscape as colour, tone and presence are manipulated through 16mm analogue filmmaking techniques—including hand-processing, optical and contact printing, solarisation, cross-processing and bi-packing, to name a few. The film’s swirling, psychedelic visuals are married to a beautifully undulating soundtrack by saxophonist Jason Sharp, led by emphasis on the composer’s own biorhythms (principally breathing and heartbeat). The body, just like the earth, is an important home for each of us. Through this evocative work, Saïto and Sharp equate both of these homes with the physical medium of celluloid film. Produced through strictly analogue processes—captured on 16mm, edited on film and blown-up to 35mm.


Sat 25/9 Kino SC 18:00