Ebb and Flow

Lichun Tseng, Robert Kroos NL, 2021, 30', audiovizualni performans

Ebb and Flow is inspired by the I-Ching, the book of change, Chapter 42 – Yi (Increase). 

Yi is a message about expansion and fullness. It is simply another cycle of life as it flowers, decays, and achieves rebirth. 

Ebb and flow, darkness and light, life and death... ‘What is’ springs from ‘what is not’. The end of the world is also the beginning of something new. 

Lichun and Robert use 16mm film projectors and analog generated waveforms to create an immersive, trance-inducing journey. Through layering, constructing, and deconstructing visual and auditory textures they strive for a sense transcending experience where the spectator is no longer consciously watching nor listening. Just being. The ‘end’ is often frightening but also charged with eternal possibility. 

Fri 24/9 Kino SC 22:30