Er is een geest van mij / Hay un fantasma mío

Mateo Vega Er is een geest van mij, NL, PE, 2021, 6', DCP

An attempt at mourning both personal and political futures that never arrived, organised around a broad interpretation of the trope of the ghost. We see depersonalised figures, urban ruins, consuming fires and microscopic images of decaying bodily matter – set to a poem that shifts between Spanish and Dutch.

I'm greatly inspired by ideas of hauntology, once described by Mark Fisher as a "nostalgia for futures that never arrived”, in which the notion of the ghost is used as a metaphor for something that is both there and not there: the present being perpetually haunted by traces of the past and its failed futures. After encountering this theory, a lot of ideas I’d been already reflecting on – consciously or unconsciously – fell into place. In that way, I was able to associatively link different themes and textures through notions of lost futures and ghosts. (M. V.)

Fri 24/9 Kino SC 18:00