Frozen Jumper

Tina Frank AT, 2020, 7', DCP

Peter Rehberg’s track Frozen Jumper begins in hit-and-run style with a pulsating noise texture. Flickering, nearly rectangular patterns join in on the image plane, at first in black-and-white, bringing to mind the sprocket holes in celluloid film and, no least due to the lack of geometric precision, giving the impression of having a pre-digital origin. As the soundtrack rattles on in a rather minimalistic way, the pattern’s twitchy dance is submerged in various warm hues such as yellow, pink, light green, and light blue, which in a different rhythm and to a more agreeable music could be perceived as the signature of slightly psychedelic retro ambitions. (Thomas Edlinger)

Fri 24/9 Kino SC 20:00