Ghosts Before Breakfast

Hans Richter Vormittagsspuk, DE, 1928, 6', 16 mm

Pure vintage dada. A humorous, delightful, grotesque in which ordinary objects rebel against their daily routine and, for a brief period of liberation, follow their own laws. A bow-tie undoes itself, bowler hats float gracefully through the air, coffee cups leap from a tray to smash themselves on the ground, and so forth. At the stroke of noon, they return to their normal functional state. Ghosts Before Breakfast represents one of the earliest collaborations between avant-garde filmmaker and composer: Paul Hindemith's score accompanied the film when it was first shown at an avant-garde music festival in Baden-Baden in 1928. (Standish D. Lawder)

Sat 1/10 Kino SC 18:00