Not Even Nothing Can Be Free Of Ghosts

Rainer Kohlberger AT, DE, 2016, 11', DCP

Rainer Kohlberger’s audio-visual compositions are always fierce attacks on the human system of perception. His algorithmic works have little in common with conventional film and video. (…) Kohlberger uses the possibilities that the present, digital projection technology offers in a radical way. However, what binds him in terms of intellectual history with the avant-garde movements of the twentieth century is the constant search for point zero, as well as the pleasure in technical and aesthetic experimentation. No motion pictures meet the retina, but instead, impulses and waves of pure light. The extreme light-dark intervals incessantly vary, climaxing in a black-and-white stroboscope storm. (Norbert Pfaffenbichler)

Sat 1/10 Kino SC 20:00
  • Rhus Typhina Alexandra Moralesová, Georgy Bagdasarov CZ, AM, 2014, 3', 16 mm
  • 489 Years Hayoun Kwon FR, 2016, 11', DCP
  • Special Mention
    Ciudad Maya Andrés Padilla Domene FR, 2016, 24', DCP
  • Grand Prix and Critics Award
    The Mess Peter Burr US, 2016, 14', DCP