Rattling The Bones: Compliments Are Made Darkest by Daylight

Bruce McClure US, 2016, projector performance

UNTITLED 35 mm, Bruce McClure, US, 2016 (premiere), live performance for two 16 mm projectors, two 35 mm projectors and strobe lights.

The premiere of the site-specific projection performance composed for SC Cinema, for two 35 mm projectors found in the booth, two 16 mm projectors set in the theatre and two stroboscopes. Thinking about technical and spatial specifications of SC Cinema, for which he composed a piece with a scope of a 50 mm lens used like a ‘ruler measuring space’, with a limited range of light to the screen, he says that he creates for a distance more suitable to the size of a classroom – the classroom he carries around wherever he goes and regardless of the size of the space he performs in. Giving room to imagination to carry him to the scale of a stadium. ‘Here is the idea of a constant with sound as the big variable’ (BM).

In collaboration with Multimedijalni institut (MI2).

Sun 2/10 Kino SC 22:00