Rattling The Bones: That Spurring Instant

Bruce McClure US, 60', projector performance

CONG IN OUR GREGATIONAL POM-POMS, Bruce McClure, 30', US, 2009, live performance with three 16 mm projectors.

NETHERGATE, Bruce McClure, 30', US, 2006, live performance with three 16 mm projectors.

Bruce McClure recalls two of his older pieces, which will be performed as triple 16 mm projection performances. CONG IN OUR GREGATIONAL POM-POMS (2009) for two overlapping screens and with a ‘short lenses throw a wide field’ (BM) setting; and the minimalist NETHERGATE (2006) with metal scenic including horizontal and vertical slits with bi-packed loops of emulsion and transparent base ‘where obstructions replace passages’ (BM). The generated optical signals are processed by way of guitar effect pedals.

In collaboration with Multimedijalni institut (MI2).

Thu 29/9 Teatar &TD 22:00