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Hrvoje Radnić Sfere itd., HR, 2021, 20', audiovizualni performans

Hrvoje Radnić (Zagreb, 1976), self-taught musician and sound engineer who fell in love with music and sound as a child, watching TV documentaries by Jacques Cousteau. Underwater footage of the Calypso diving team, accompanied by excellent ambient music and sound effects, left the impact on him that came to the surface later, in adolescence, when he came into possession of his first musical instrument, and then the first multitrack recorder. That hobby gradually turned into everyday job that still oscillates between music and sound. In 2010. with the group of like-minded musicians he formed the band Šumovi protiv valova which, despite the standard rock lineup, tries to break the defined boundaries between music and sound. Šumovi protiv valova performed that same year live at 25 FPS Festival.

Sat 25/9 Kino SC 23:00