STELLA 50.4N1.5E

Elsa Brès FR, 2016, 15', DCP

A sea of dunes. An unpopulated seaside resort. Hands putting together a heap of documents.  The landscape is an architecture. Waiving the traditional opposition between nature and architecture, Stella is a film about work as necessary condition for perception, in which Elsa Brès teaches us how to look at a mutating space. The inside is the place from which we, as would an explorer, a traveller-botanist, an archivist or an archaeologist, reassemble in a constellation the elements that represent and compose the exterior space, from framed estate agency views to measures, geological samples and the like. The outdoor space then appears as a collage of forms and stuff, constantly interpenetrating each other. When the model literally melts down on the city maps, a movement of fusion irreversibly blurs the distinction between the building from which the work organizes itself and the surrounding sea of dunes: the buildings are worn away, the landscape is an architecture.

Fri 30/9 Kino SC 18:00
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  • Audience Award
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