Amanda Fior Daliso (OM Produkcija) SI, 1981-1985, 36', performance

Performance with four 16 mm and one Super8 projector. 

A quadruple film projection, or more accurately one film strip simultaneously looping through four projectors. Reeling off the first, the stip simultaneously reels on the next projector and henceforth through all four machines, spilling the image from one screen over to the next, clockwise. “The flow of the visual material through the web of fields on the screen develops an interesting and regular crystal-shaped ornamental form. As we all know, a crystal, regardless of its size, always maintains a regular structure” (I. L. Galeta in a review of the performance held in 1985 at MAFAF in Pula). In 2016 we are performing Tetraplan as a tribute to Ivan Ladislav Galeta and Tomislav Gotovac.

OM Production is a mysterious Slovenian collective active since 1975 as a hybrid between a dropout freemasonry lodge, a guerrilla production company and an audiovisual laboratory in the field of avant-garde theatre and art practices, radiophony, photography, film, written word and multimedia performances. The members act under forty peculiar pseudonyms/avatars, often an homage to absurdity.

In collaboration with Kratki utorak, Croatian Film Association.

Fri 30/9 Kino SC 22:00