The Eyes Empty and the Pupils Burning of Rage and Desire

Luis Macías ES, 2018, 20', 16 mm

An exploration of the emulsion, without image, without sound and without description. 

“...the idea is to reduce to the minimum the elements that form the cinematograph device. To work with less elements but having a deep control over it. The limitation of using only two meters of processed film stock that becomes totally black is highly stimulating. I forced myself to control each frame with all – only the elements of the projection, light, shutter and focus...” L. Macías. 

Luis Macías is an artist, filmmaker and image-moving composer. His pieces deal with the formal and spectral properties of the moving image, through the exploration of the cinematographic device itself and the photochemical nature of the medium. Focused on experimental and procedural practices of analogue image, his works in Super 8, 16mm, 35mm and / or video format are composed for projection, performance or installation. His films and pieces of expanded cinema have been shown in prestigious film, art and music festivals as well as art centres, museums and alternative spaces around the world. Co-founder and active member of CRATER-Lab, an independent artist-run-film Lab for analogue cinema.

Fri 23/9 Kino Kinoteka 22:30