The Heart Through Deserts Runs – Working Title

Garegin Vanisian Das Herz durch Wüsteneyen rennt – Arbeitstitel, DE, 2021, 15', 16 mm

​The film shows the passing of a day in the life of a young woman. In the beginning, she is alone in her apartment. It seems that she is going through a separation from her beloved person (a female). She is trying to cope with this loss by reading (a book by Renée Vivien and a poem by Goethe), moving around things in the apartment, thinking about the lost person. As the day ends and night falls, a nightmare-like vision haunts her – and a new path of hope opens up. This is the primary story of the film, told in a particular way, by means of storyboard and off-narration, inspired by the works of Marina Abramovic, Chantal Akerman, Guy Gilles and Chris Marker.

Sat 25/9 Kino SC 20:00