Two Sisters Who Are Not Sisters

Beatrice Gibson Deux soeurs qui ne sont pas soeurs, UK, DE, CA, FR, 2019, 22', DCP

An abstract crime thriller featuring a poodle, a beauty queen and two sisters who aren’t sisters. The film eschews conventional narrative in favour of a more dream-like montage, while casting an intimate network of the director’s friends and influences as its principal actors. Based on Gertrude Stein’s eponymously named screenplay, written in 1929 as European fascism was gaining momentum, the film is set in contemporary Paris in a moment of comparable social and political unrest. Playing on Stein’s interest in autobiography and repetition, Deux soeurs is simultaneously a collective portrait and an exploration of inheritance, responsibility, ethics and futurity.

photo: Courtesy of Beatrice Gibson and LUX, London

Fri 27/9 Kino SC 18:00