Untitled (Eyemo rolls)

George Clark US, NZ, MX, TH, HK, PH, 2013-2016, 10', 35 mm

Since 2013 I began travelling with a Bell & Howell Eyemo 35mm film camera shooting in different countries as way to respond to people I've met and works I’ve seen in these places. One of the pleasures of film is the way it proposes temporary linkages between different places, times and people, inviting connections and blurring boundaries between disparate territories. For this screening I will insert unedited camera rolls from this ongoing series shot in places related to each of the selected films.

The writer Julio Cortazar, a master of the blurred boundary, wrote the majority of his work in exile in Paris. His writing has been crucial for this project as a way to think about the experience of being between places as I have worked on this film. In an interview about his novel Hopscotch, in which the reader is free to read chapters in any order they choose, he stated that 'the book doesn't propose any solution; it simply limits itself to showing the possible paths one can take to knock down the wall, to see what's on the other side.' (George Clark)

Thu 29/9 Kino SC 16:00