16th 25 FPS Festival: Four Film Hybrids in the Reflexes Section

Reflexes, a programme of Croatian films features four hybrid titles whose authors explore the architecture of personal and collective history.

Reflexes are one of the constant programming categories at the 25 FPS Festival of Experimental Film and Video, whose aim is – combined with competition entries – to provide an overview of the current avant-garde, experimental and hybrid tendencies on the local film scene. This year’s Reflexes will screen four films by filmmakers of different generations, whose innovative cinematic language analyses the issues of personal and collective history.

Dalija Dozet’s intimate essay How to Talk to Mom is having its world premiere – in a story about a journey to the other end of the world she examines how to talk to her own mother and express herself through moving images. Microcassette – The Smallest Cassette I've Ever Seen by Igor Bezinović and Ivana Pipal is a charming hybrid of documentary and animation film, developed from audio records of a small cassette found on a landfill. A Record of Landscape without Prehistory is an intriguing research into the slumbering concrete complex of Krvavica, a derelict children’s sanatorium and a masterpiece of socialist modernism in architecture, by the Belgrade-based artistic duo Doplgenger.

Acclaimed Croatian video and film artist Vladislav Knežević is presenting his latest film Colonello Futurista, an intriguing cocktail of military architecture and the first film avant-garde, set in the Austro-Hungarian Pula ahead of the First World War. Reflexes are scheduled for Thursday, 24 September at 6pm.

As a reminder, the festival’s competition screens three other Croatian productions: Events Meant to Be Forgotten, in which the visual and film artist Marko Tadić uses animation procedures to bring to life the photo archives of two artists, found at a flea market in Zagreb, Porvenir by Renata Poljak, an atmospheric and enigmatic research of migrant routes and her own family history, and the subversive film essay and experiment TESTFILM #1 in which the Telcosystems art collective explores the material (im)possibilities of the current DCP distribution format.

The Croatian films in the selection compete for the Green DCP Award presented by the 25 FPS Audiovisual Research Association.

The 16th edition of 25 FPS takes place on 24-27 September 2020 at SC Cinema in Zagreb and on 28-29 September at Art Cinema in Rijeka. Admission to all the screenings is free of charge.

Photos: Colonello Futurista, How to Talk to Mum, Microcassette – The Smallest Cassette I've Ever Seen