16th 25 FPS Festival: Off We Go!

Tonight at 8pm we’re opening the 25 FPS Festival of Experimental Film and Video, whose 16th edition takes place on 24-27 September 2020 at the SC Cinema in Zagreb and on 29 and 30 September at Art Cinema in Rijeka. Admission to all events is free of charge, but the tickets need to be downloaded via the Entrio system.

At the opening we will be screening the programme Competition 1: Escapes, the first among this year’s five competition sections. Competition 1 consists of six films addressing different kinds of escapes – escapes from the known daily life into our internal cosmos, into abstraction and mimicry, as well as attempts at escaping restrictive systems – social expectations, gender or video games – in search of our own freedom zone.

This year the audience again decides on the Audience Award, so don’t forget to take your ballots on the entrance to the theatre and vote for your favourites.

At 6pm, before the opening, the festival screens Reflexes – a programme of Croatian films with four hybrid titles, whose authors explore the architecture of personal and collective history. The screening will be accompanied by a Q&A with the authors, and more information about the films can be found here.

Note: tickets for each screening need to be booked via the Entrio system, as one of the precautions introduced because of the epidemiological situation. More details about other steps can be found here.

We’re looking forward to seeing you this year!

Photos: How to Disappear, Thorax, Evelyn