17TH 25 FPS FESTIVAL: Official Festival Opening

This year’s festival edition opens with the new film by the master of Austrian avant-garde Peter Tscherkassky, the award-winning documentary by Antoine Chapon and Croatian author Jelena Blagović’s debut film.

Tonight at 8pm we’re opening the 17th edition of the 25 FPS Festival, which every year presents the finest independent, experimental, hybrid and innovative film works that radically recompose and cross the usual boundaries of audiovisual media. The Festival takes place from 23 to 26 September at the SC Cinema in Zagreb and on 30 September in Rijeka, at Art Cinema Croatia. With free entry to all the festival programmes, tickets need to be picked up online via Entrio.

At the official festival opening, we are screening the first of five sections of this year’s competition under the title Recomposition. The section includes five titles which creatively use the possibilities of film composition and editing.

Director Eva Giolo in her film Flowers Blooming in Our Throats transforms the lockdown experience into a rhythmic play of bodies, gestures and movements, speaking also of the negative consequences such as anxiety, depression and domestic abuse. Train Again, the latest film by the veteran of Austrian avant-garde Peter Tscherkassky takes us on an exciting, hyperkinetic journey through the history of cinema, and the creative duo Rita Ferrando and Lily Jue Sheng in the meditative essay Ikebana examines plants as a language of expression and means of memory.

Jelena Blagović creatively combines her own and archive images to pay tribute to the artistic endeavours of Goran Trbuljak in Every Artist For Themselves, Never Quite Together and Antoine Chapon in his intriguing essay My Own Landscapes uses the backdrop of a war video game to point to a connection between military and entertainment industries.

Photo: My Own Landscapes, Ikebana, Train Again