18th 25 FPS Festival: Award Winners

Congratulations to all the awarded films of the 18th edition!

Grand Prix
Instant Life, Anja Dornieden, Juan David González Monroy, Andrew Kim
"It’s a film that takes us through a specific thought process in which we question what is real and what is illusion, while putting the phenomenon of life and of the medium of film on the same parallel. A trick or a trap, but maybe it doesn’t even matter."

Jury Special Mentions

Marta Baradić: Places We’ll Breathe, Davor Sanvincenti
"My Special Mention goes to a film which, among other things, gives a particularly beautiful cinematic treatment to the current social disaster, at the same time inspires horror and keeps reminding us of solidarity."

Hrvoslava Brkušić: A Comprehensive Theory, Rui Hu
"We expect experimental films to surprise us and this one really did."

Marko Meštrović: The Ocean Analog, Luis Macías
"My choice is intuitive. Of all the amazing films we saw, some very complex, I kept coming back to this one. It is a simple, intimate, immediate and measured experience of first-hand elements."

Green DCP Award
Places That Do Not Exist, Josipa Henizelman
"Many films are trying to depict the ungraspable nature of memory. And the film that in this respect impressed us the most relies on abstract forms and colours to embody the processes of the construction and deconstruction of memory and the imprints they make on us."

Audience Award
To the Earthen Red, Nika Pećarina

FOTO: A Comprehensive Theory, Instant Life, Places We'll Breathe, The Ocean Analog, Places that Do not Exist, To the Earthern Red