Awards of the 13th 25 FPS Festival edition

Congratulations to all the award winners and see you in 2018, from 27 to 30 of September!

Grand Jury Oona Mosna, Sebastian Buerkner, Mads Mikkelsen decided unanimously on the three Grand Prizes — along with one special mention.

Grand Prix: The Watchmen, Fern Silva
For its mastery of form through labyrinthine and cyclical association, landscapes of suspended time suggest the possibility for liberation from the confines of the carceral, both interior and exterior, political and poetic. The jury awards Fern’s Silva’s The Watchmen.

Grand Prix: Foyer, Ismaïl​ Bahri
An audacious proposition propels the act of filming into a social and political event of unpredictable intimacy and authenticity. The paradox of a visual vacuum summons the protagonists, the maker and the audience to profound and unexpected expression, assertion and reflection in Ismaïl​ Bahri’s film Foyer.

Grand Prix: Flores, Jorge Jácome​
If you could bring one film to an island, which one would it be? This film inverts the question that faces any jury by actually bringing us to an island, located somewhere between the real and the possible - between documentary and art - and for that we wish to recognize the generous spirit of adventure as well as the cinematic imagination of Flores by Jorge Jácome​.

Special Mention: La Bouche, Camilo Restrepo
Camilo - a shout to you - Camilo - where do we find our feet - Camilo - tell us our fear - Camilo - the terrifying brilliance - Camilo - of LA BOUCHE - LA BOUCHE - LA BOUCHE … Camilo … Camilo Restrepo we offer a special mention for La Bouche.

Critics Jury: Matevž Jerman, Luka Ostojić, Višnja Vukašinović

Critics Award: Almost Nothing: So Continues the Night, Davor Sanvincenti
Composed as a struggle of language, sound and image to capture reality, this work is a monument to the fragility of body, film and memory.

Special Mention: The Peacekeeper, Pierre Edouard Dumora
In its odyssey, through a childhood nightmare, the film uses a minimum of means and a maximum of humour to unite genre archetypes with the uncertainty of current times.

Green DCP Award: Meanwhile, Mate Ugrin (25 FPS, Association for Audio-Visual Research) 
For a minute utilisation of codes of cinematic language of time, space and eventless storyline to illustrate a deafening noise of silence after a goodbye, we give the Green DCP award to Mate Ugrin and his film Meanwhile.

Audience Award: Rubber Coated Steel, Lawrence Abu Hamdan