Cinema Expansion & Festival Closure with Camila Fuchs and William Basinski

Camila Fuchs, Manuela de Laborde and William Basinski are closing the 14th 25 FPS Festival.

Two years ago Mexican artist Manuela de Laborde won the 25 FPS Grand Prix for her transcendental exploration of subatomic-cosmic depths and distances – As Without So Within. This year she is performing with the electronic music duo Camila Fuchs, opposite Camila de Laborde and Daniel Hermann-Collini. Tonight at 10pm in Teatar &td, join us for a presentation of Camila Fuchs' latest album Heart Pressed Between Stones, an audio-visual journey across the unimaginable dimensions of our visible and audible reality.

Shorty after, William Basinski, who has been a staple of contemporary experimental music and a source of inspiration for countless artists of all genres, will tune our frequences to the heartbeat of the universe. Don't miss his spectacular performance On Time Out of Time tonight at 10pm in the French Pavillion. The concert is organised by the Multimedia Institute and 25 FPS.