Day Three: Classics of Ethnographic Cinema and Dizzying Performances

Day three of the festival features the fascinating classics of ethnographic film selected by the jury member Karin Mundt, two competition slots and the dizzying performances of Branimir Štivić and Hrvoje Radnić.

The festival day begins at 4pm with the Jury’s Choice section – the German author and curator Katrin Mundt will present the Disorientation programme consisting of five films inspired by ethnographic and postcolonial studies in which innovative film procedures serve to reveal and deconstruct stereotypical narratives about the Other.

At 6pm, films from the fourth block of the competition programme will be shown, united under the title Beyond Solid. These are the films that call for a journey beyond the image: into its forgotten neighbourhoods, underground roads, encrypted messages and dizzying highlights. Vladislav Knežević (Imploder) and Sebastian Bürkner (Surge) will present their films live.

At 8pm, the last block of competition films called Reflection Bites is scheduled. The section includes six titles that deal with reflections on the art field, optical illusions, pulsating rhythms, and broken glass. Veneta Androva (AIVA) and Garegin Vanisian (The Heart Through Deserts Runs – Working Title) will join the conversation after the screening.

At 10,30pm, the SC Cinema will be flooded with two dizzying expanded cinema performances that are taking place as part of the Vector Hack festival. Branimir Štivić will present the performance E N T A N G L E M E N T S 2.0 : EXHALE, and Hrvoje Radnić will perform Spheres, etc. Both artists pair archaic machines and analogue oscilloscopes in their performances, and modulate their signals in real time to create radically different and fascinating audiovisual waves that rarely leave anyone indifferent.

Photo: E N T A N G L E M E N T S 2.0 : EXHALE