Day Three - Swallowing Films

At 2pm Peter Tscherkassky is sharing with audience his way of making films for over a two decades - without a camera in a dark room. What does it mean to make a found footage films, all the challenges of working with a film strip in the digital age we'll find out in MM center through a lecture Stricly Handmade


As artist Daniel Spoerri transformed exhibition spaces in restaurants in the 60's and developed Food-Art concept, at 4pm jury member Jonathan Pouthier will transform a cinema into a kitchen-on-screen. Films by multimedia artists, filmmakers and activists revolve on food from perspectives that transcend the common physiological needs and convey feeding into multilayered rituals.  

The fifth competition program Tests translates empirical science into visual splendour on the screen - a silent 3-minutes film by C. Pryce Prima Materia, digital realms of the computer in #47 by J. M. Biscaya, The Mesh and the Circle by Portugese duo M. Caló i F. Queimadela, In Waking Hours by Belgian author S. Vanagt.

The last competition program Standards at 8pm hands out a miraculous cinematic handbook on all genres, types and directions, but with an inevitable twist. WIth actors, writers and ghosts. 

Q&A follows with directors present in Zagreb: Jesse McLean I'm in Pittsburgh and It's Raining, Tim Leyendekker Blinder, J. M. Biscaya #47 and Ana Isabel Strindberg, representing The Mesh and the Circle