Expanded Cinema: theatre beyond the screen at 25 FPS!

Spend your festival evenings with intense and innovative performances by Stefano Canapa, Antoine Birot and the Macullar Collective.

This year’s expansions of audiovisual perceptions begins on the first day of the festival, Thursday, 26 September at 10pm at &TD Theatre with a performance Wavelength by artists Stefano Canapa and Antoine Birot. The 40-minute film performance connects electric signals and analogue film – images and sounds made by a handmade low frequency generator, manipulated afterwards by the same generator and four 16 mm projectors during the performance, which results in overwhelming sound and light experience. Music and visual artist Antoine Birot in his practice amply uses the tools he makes himself, and in Wavelength it is a synthesiser. Stefano Canapa is a visual and performance artist, a member of the French artistic collective Group ZUR and the author of the film from this year’s 25 FPS competition The Sound Drifts – a 35 mm film for the ears and the eyes, scheduled for Friday, 27 September at 8pm at SC Cinema in Competition 3: Tests.

On Saturday, 28 September at 10pm, &TD Theatre will turn into an intense whirlwind of abstract sounds and light guided by the artistic duo Daan Johan and Joris Strijbos, performing their latest work Phyllotaxis – a pulsating and hypnotic live performance exploring the audiovisual possibilities of feedback system they built themselves with kinetic light devices and modular synthesisers. Their work can be considered a machinist, digital and automatized equivalent to phyllotaxis (the morphology of plants exploring structures in the order of leaves on plant stems). Joris Strijbos and Daan Johan are members of the art collective Macular, creating together multisensory works of art they present at media arts festivals, in galleries and other institutions around the world. Joris Strijbos took part at 25 FPS 2014 with the audiovisual performance Covex together with artist Yamila Ríos. Daan Johan in his work amply uses old technologies to create new instruments often characterised by exceptional volume.

PHOTOS: Phyllotaxis (by Maarten Nauw), Wavelength