Last Day at 25 FPS: Dorsky, Makhmalbaf & Award Ceremony

We only got in the swing of things, and it’s closing time! The festival closing ceremony takes place at 8pm with a screening of award-winning films, and earlier in the day Davor Sanvincenti will introduce us to the meta-cinematic classic Salam Cinema by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, and we’ll have a chance to enjoy the meditative classics of the avant-garde film legend Nathaniel Dorsky.

​Yesterday’s competition 4 and 5 brought us two other candidates for the Audience Award: Noemi Osselaer's Erpe-Mere and Dorian Jesper's Sun Dog. The winner will be announced at today’s closing ceremony at 8pm, when we’ll find out who won the festival Grand Prix, Critics Award and Green DCP Award. The award ceremony will be followed by a screening of award-winning films, an ideal chance to repeat the lesson or catch up if you missed something.

Before the closing ceremony join us for the programmes of two other great names of the cinema. At 4pm, it’s Jury’s Choice: Cinema of Cruelty, screening Hello Cinema, an ode to the seductive and cruel power of motion pictures and a metacinematic classic by Mohsen Makhmalbaf, introduced by jury member Davor Sanvincenti.

In Focus is scheduled for 6pm, this year dedicated to the recent works by the iconic American avant-garde filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky. Dorsky appeared on the scene in the 60s with a series of poetic films, whose specific disposition could be compared to haiku poetry and his inclination to celluloid and precise filmmaking stems from the belief that film can and should be a transcendental experience. The love of analogue media is the reason why Dorsky’s works don’t exist in a digital format and can be watched only if projected from the film stock – therefore don’t miss a unique chance to see the cinema of commitment of this great filmmaker. The programme takes place in association with Zagreb’s Multimedia Institute – MaMa Club.

Tickets for each screening should be booked through the Entrio system, as one of the safety measures due to the current epidemiological situation. More details about the other measures are available here.

See you at 25 FPS!

Photos: Hello Cinema, Interlude