Day 3: Resistance of Film, Layers of Watching & Digital-Analogue Truce

If at the end of a working week you're holding your head in your hands, slapping your cheeks to bring back colour and wondering what the devil is holding you by the neck and suck the precious creative energy out of you, then you are in the same pickle as the title protagonist of the cinematically transgender piece The Lost Dreams of Naoki Hayawaka, also borrowing the name to today's Jury's Choice slot (SC Cinema, 4pm). 


Day 2: Appropriated Geography, Voracious Botany & Digital vs. Analogue War

As our festival story steps into its second day, Oona Mosna, programmer at Media City Film Festival in Ontario, begins her new daily story cycle. At 4pm, SC Cinema's floor will be taken by our grand jury members to present a three-day triptych, a sort of audiovisual mixtape of different genres and ideas. 


Day 1: Surfaces, Railway Tracks and Things that Go 'Boom!'

Welcome to Student centre at 6pm and Croatian program Reflexes, festival opening and Competition program 1 at 8pm, and a double expanded cinema performances at 10pm. See you there! 


Staring Eyes and Undigested Landscapes: In the Focus of the 13th 25 FPS

On Wednesday we start with a film workshop by OJOBOCA. Ojoboca is a story of two people who took the phrases 'filmmaking' and 'film work' very liberally and opted for an archaic method of film production to materialise projections of the present real and imaginary (is there a difference between the two?) worlds as feverish visions of the future of mankind.


Program Diary 4: Hard Labour of Dreams and Hierarchy of Sensuality: 13th 25 FPS Jury’s Choice

The brainchildren and complex relationships of our Jury members towards the film medium have been filtered into three presentations for our traditional late afternoon festival slot. The jury members' selections are more than just a prelude to the (expanded) film programmes in the evening hours. Rather, they give us a chance to observe parallels through history and the deafening chaos of forms and ideas we call experimental film. 


Program Diary 3: Mechanical Laughter & Waste Re-appropriation: 13th 25 FPS Expanded Cinema

While visiting the Chinese ghost town of Yujiapu, Karl Lemieux, a prominent young Canadian celluloid enthusiast, and BJ Nilsen, a Swedish composer with an ear attuned to industrial soundscapes, scratched on the surface of monumental metal tracks and concrete blocks, empty shells that forgot their once planned use.