16th 25 FPS Festival: Four Film Hybrids in the Reflexes Section

Reflexes, a programme of Croatian films features four hybrid titles whose authors explore the architecture of personal and collective history.


16th 25 FPS Festival: From New Media Hybrids to Classical Avant-Garde

The competition section of the 16th edition of 25 FPS Festival takes place 24-27 September at SC Cinema in Zagreb and 29 and 30 September at Art Cinema in Rijeka. It consists of 29 films from all four corners of the world, from Argentina, Brazil and USA to Austria, France and UK, to Australia, South Korea and Hong Kong. The selection provides an overview of the recent production of avant-garde, experimental and innovative cinema, and the titles include several intriguing media hybrids, as well as titles critically examining the field of art. Some of the selected titles will be shown on the big screen for the first time, and some after a long time.


Competition programme of 16th 25 FPS Festival

Congratulations to all the authors selected for the 16th 25 FPS Festival Competition programme! Save the dates for four days of exceptional moving images from September 24th to 27th in Zagreb!
More information in the programme!


Submissions closed

Thank you to all for submitting your films for the 16th 25 FPS Festival edition. 


Call for entries in 2020

25 FPS Festival 16th edition is looking for entries and last date for application is 31st of May 2020.


24 - 27 September 2020 16th edition

Sixteenth festival edition will take place from 24th to 27th of September 2020 in Zagreb. Submissions will be open from March 2nd to May 31st 2020.