19th 25 FPS Festival Has Officially Opened

25 FPS Festival has officially opened last night with the screening of the first block in the competition program. 

This year’s selection offers an equal choice between the works exploring the creative potentials of videogames and AI, and those that have gone back to the traditional film tape. Their authors use formal experiments as a starting point for the exploration of the changes wrought on our private and public lives by the pandemic, lockdown, and sudden digitization – manifested in the different ways we remember, love, work and tell stories.

Competing for the main Festival prizes are 27 experimental and hybrid titles that touch on the changes in society and the film medium, the analogue and digital, in a visually refined way. The first competition block attended two authors - Miro Manojlović and Chiara Catarina


Photo: Samir Cerić Kovačević, Sanja Bistričić Srića