Competition program 2023

Inspired by all the films that have been sent to contribute to this year's Competition program, we are very happy to share our enthusiasm with 27 films selected. Thank you to all the filmmakers!


45th Parallel, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, 15’, UK, 2022
artifacts of you, artifacts of me., Brecht De Cock, 9', BE, 2022
Bosco, Lucie Leszez, Stefano Canapa, 7', FR, 2023
Cave Painting, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, 15', AT, 2023
Ecstasy (Ekstaasi), Matti Harju, 10', FI, 2022
Evanescence, Mare Šuljak, 4', HR, 2023
Exterior Turbulence, Sofia Theodore-Pierce, 11', US, 2023
The Goose's Excuse (Ozr el wezza), Mahdy Abo Bahat, Abdo Zin Eldin, 25', EG, UK, 2023
Hardly Working, Total Refusal, 20', AT, 2022
Into The Violet Belly, Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi, 19', BE, DK, DE, IS, MT, 2022
Lucid Room (La stanza lucida), Chiara Caterina, 20', IT, 2022
Last Things, Deborah Stratman, 50', US, 2023
Mast-del, Maryam Tafakory, 17', IR, UK, 2023
Measuring 500 Feet, Abigail He, 14', US, 2022
New Centuries are Rare, coyote, 12', SE, 2023
Porcupine (Nhím), Nicolas Graux, Quý Trương Minh, 13', BE, SG, VN, 2023
Rule No. 5: Shadow Your Man Closely (Pravilo br. 5: Pomno pratite svog čovjeka), Miro Manojlović, 10', HR, 2023
’Prototipo, Frank Tina, General Magic, 4', AT, 2023
Semiotics of the Home, Jessi Ali Lin, Hsin-Yu Chen, 8', US, TW, 2023
Singing in Oblivion, Eve Heller, 13', AT, 2022
Sunspots, Yannick Mosimann, 9', CH, 2022
Tectum argenti, Joanna Byrne, 9', UK, 2022
The Angel of Forms, Rushnan Jaleel, 17', NL, FR, IN, 2023
Those Who Kept the Light / Seaweed, Nastja Säde Rönkkö, 9', NO, FI, DK, 2023
Today is a very special day, Nov. 2003, Matt Whitman, 8', US, 2023
Valerija, Sara Jurinčić, 15', HR, 2023
Zabriskie Point, Seoungho Cho, 9', US, 2023


These films form the very central part of the 19th edition in September, but our program extends in other exciting directions - talks and programs on found footage practice and "recycled cinema" with filmmakers and archivists Sylvia Schedelbauer, Jurij Meden and Lucija Zore, in focus programs with our jury members Mary Helena Clark, Ross Lipman and Marko Tadić, Croatian premieres and live cinema performaces by artists Andro Giunio, Tin Dožić and Hrvoje Spudić, and Spanish sonar project Umbrafono

We are looking forward to welcome you in September in Zagreb and wishing you alluring month of August.