Expanded cinema with audiovisual reconstructions and transformations

The Expanded Cinema program of the 19th 25 FPS Festival presents a performance of enchanting manipulations of analogue image and sound, intermixed with digital formats.

On Saturday, 30 September, at 10:30 pm, we will be showing Aiomena, an attempt at reconstructing a non-existent place from a set of media materials, including topographic data, photogrametry, analogue film, radio astronomical observations, and field recordings. The artists behind this audiovisual performance for 16mm film, digital video, and electronic sound are Tin DožićAndro Giunio and Hrvoje Spudić.

Unfortunately, the performance by the Spanish multimedia artist Enrique del CastilloUmbráfono, is cancelled due to sickness.


Photo: Aiomena, Hrvoje Spudić, Tin Dožić & Andro Giunio