Final Festival Day

The final festival day kicks off with a round table, followed by Grand Jury member Ross Lipman's program, a special Croatian program - Reflexes, and the screening of the awarded films. The program will wrap up with an extraordinary expanded cinema performance by Hrvoje Spudić, Andro Giunio, and Tin Dožić – Aiomena.

The round table discussion will take place at 12 pm, at the Kinoteka cinema, and the speakers will be the artist Sylvia Schedelbauer, the American film restorer and independent film artist Ross Lipman, a film archivist for the Croatian State Archives, Lucija Zore, and the critic Ivan Velisavljević. The conversation will focus on the state and challenges of film archiving, preservation of experimental and non-professional film, as well as on the historical significance, aesthetic achievements, and different uses of recycled film. The discussion will be moderated by the film critic and symposium curator Ejla Kovačević.

At 4 pm, Ross Lipman will present his program “Reverse Engineering the Wheel”, which represents his attempt to understand the dynamics of the conflict between emotions and intellect. His lyrical and speculative short film 10-17-88 is an optically printed collage of found and archival footage, while the imposing middle-length film essay Between Two Cinemas charts Lipman’s professional trajectory between international film and American avant-garde.

The Croatian program Reflexes is scheduled for 6 pm. The audience will have the opportunity to see the premieres of Ana Bilankov’s transtemporal filmic journey dealing with a refugee camp in the Sinai Desert, Chasing the Sun: El Shatt, Darko Fritz’s film about the never-realised model of a utopian settlement, Imaginary Futures: Tourism, and finally, Whatever Is Not a Desert Does Not Exist, Ana Buljan’s poem created from desolate island landscapes. Ana Bilankov and Darko Fritz will join us for a Q&A session after the screening.

At 8 pm, there will be a screening of the festival winners – the winners of the Grand Prix, jury awards, and Audience Award. For the Festival finale, the artistic trio Spudić, Giunio, and Dožić will premiere their expanded cinema project Aiomena, which represents an attempt at reconstructing a non-existing place using a set of media materials.


Foto: Aiomena