Winners of the 19th Festival 25 FPS

Without further ado, it is time to announce the award-winning films of the 19th Festival 25 FPS!



Mast-del by Maryam Tafakory

For its deft reimagining of the archive, imbuing superimposition with the sensuous and political. A song of desire and freedom.


Valerija by Sara Jurinčić

I'm honored to award a film that begins as a director's personal elegy for her ancestors, and at the same time touches on the universal connection we all have with our respective pasts.  In telling her own story, she touches something deeply embedded in all of us, and shows that in a few short minutes, film is capable of reaching far beyond its brief limits in time.


Into the Violet Belly by Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi

This film shows the universality of being human and that the quest for personal utopia and peace reside outside of time.


CRITICS' JURY AWARD (Barbara Gregov, Iva Rosandić, Ivan Velisavljević)

Mast-del by Maryam Tafakory

Starting from an intimate conversation of two lovers, at the same time entering a visual dialogue with national cinema, this film is a reconstruction of the social and film history of erasing female and queer experiences and points of view. We choice it because in a simple, straightforward and delicate way it underlines the fact that the field of intimacy and the experimental film medium are today political fields.



Last Things by Deborah Stratman


GREEN DCP AWARD for a Croatian film in the program

Rule No. 5: Shadow Your Man Closely by Miro Manojlović

The Award goes to the work which reminded us that formal experiments in film stem not only from the wish to explore the possibilities and boundaries of the media, but also from the wish to have fun – the author as well as the audience. The editing of this film is brilliant, the structure is elaborate and the sense of timing is perfect, which proves that the legacy of traditional avant-garde is still very much alive, in the hands of the right author.