Chick Strand US, MX, 1976, 10', 16 mm

This is a film about the loss of innocence. As children we are innocent in the sense that we are not born with values, morals and ethics. As we develop, we are taught by our culture that which is ideal, and in our society what is ideal is based on a humanistic philosophy. In order to survive psychologically, we learn to accept that it is impossible to maintain this ideal humanistic behaviour in our own lives and thoughts. In a sense our innocence is lost when we learn the values and then lost again when we struggle within ourselves to achieve a life based on the values we learned, and when we fail, we feel guilt and sadness. A true survivor accepts this, and the manifestations of it in other humans, with dignity and grace. – Chick Strand, Cineprobe: An Evening With Chick Strand, Museum of Modern Art NY, programme notes, 18 October 1976 

Fri 30/9 Kino SC 16:00