15th 25 FPS Festival Awards

After four festival days and 23 films competing for the awards, the festival juries & audiences have decided on their favourites.


SHAI HEREDIA: Demonic by Pia Borg
"A meticulously constructed and disturbing investigation of the dark side of humanity, this powerful and timely film is a profound critique of social and technological control. By blurring the lines between fiction and non-fiction, horror and fantasy, this genre bending work skilfully uses archival materials, reconstruction and computer animation to confront us with the ‘evil that men do’. For its compelling exploration of a complex subject and sophisticated craft, The 25FPS Grand Prix goes to Demonic by Pia Borg."

"Malena Szlam’s ALTIPLANO is a beautifully composed and skilfully crafted representation of landscape. Using the surfaces and textures of the natural world as the starting point for an investigation into filmic processes, Szlam folds us physically into the space, activating a vivid sensory imagination. She creates a delicate balance between reality and fantasy, oscillating between the micro and the macro and using the transformative capacities of film to give voice to the spaces she travels through."

LOUIS HENDERSON: Zombies by Baloji
I decided to award the prize to a film that makes a very witty, self-aware and self-critical commentary about the image that defines our technologically enhanced narcissistic times – the selfie – whilst also attempting to rethink questions around self-representation from within the apparent glamour and horror of fashion, music videos and contemporary art. For the way that the film brings about a revitalisation of the genre of the musical through a sharp critique of the falsely imagined digital divide between Europe and Africa, set within the hyper contemporary rubbish heaps of advanced global capitalism – also for the best music in the whole festival – the prize goes to Zombies by Baloji."

CRITICS JURY AWARD (Marius Hrdy, Lovro Japundžić, Valentina Lisak): Demonic by Pia Borg
"By fluidly combining the archival and the performative, the film warns us that remembering is never a neutral process of reproduction, but a subjective and extremely powerful act of shaping reality, where that which is public influences that which is private and vice versa. Skilfully using the devices of the horror genre and computer-generated representations of public and private spaces, the author dissolves the line between the so-called reality and fiction, showing the convergence of social and personal anxieties and paranoias which find their release in the construction of the “Other” as the external enemy."

AUDIENCE AWARD: Zombies by Baloji

GREEN DCP AWARD: Currents by Katerina Duda
"Awarded by the 25 FPS Association, the idea behind the Green DCP Award is to support new voices on Croatian experimental film scene. This year's winner is Currents, a film by Katerina Duda that uses architecture and interior design to offer fresh perspective on history and passing of time. It is a poetic reflection that creatively uses documentary tropes, avant-garde observation, and even animation to convey the feeling of relativity and transience."

Congratulations to all the authors!

STILLS: Zombies, Demonic, ALTIPLANO, Currents