25 FPS in Rijeka: Bringing Zombies & Demons to the Same Wavelength

On Septmber 1st and 2nd, Art kino in Rijeka will host some of the highlights of this year's 25 FPS Festival: an energetic audio-visual performance Wavelength, local premiere of Mate Ugrin's Vacant Hours, as well as the showcase of this year's Grand Prix winners.

Wavelength, an audio-visual performance by Stefano Canapa and Antoine Birot, will kickstart the two days of experimenting with sound and vision in Art kino in Rijeka, presented by the 25 FPS Festival. This clever blend of analogue projectors and hand-made music instruments blurs the line between clubbing and cinematic experience, blowing the audiences away with its intoxicating rhythm. Make sure not to miss it today at 8pm.

On Wednesday, October 2nd at 8pm, join us for the selection of films from this year's international competition. The programme starts with Vacant Hours, a tender portrait of Rijeka's shipyards workers, in the presence of its author, Mate Ugrin. It will continue with this year's Grand Prix winners: ALTIPLANO by Malena Szlam, Demonic by Pia Borg, Zombies by Baloji and Currents by Katerina Duda.

For more infromation on the programme visit Art kino's website.

STILLS: Wavelength, Zombies, Demonic, ALTIPLANO