Second Festival Day

Two competition blocks, a special retrospective by the Japanese-German artist Sylvia Schedelbauer, and a selection by this year's jury member, the artist Marko Tadić on the second day. 

The program starts at 14:00 in the Kinoteka cinema, with the screening of short films by Sylvia Schedelbauer, part of this year’s symposium on film archives and found footage film. With her selection of six films created over the past 20 years, the artist will present her essayistic and poetic approach to personal, historical, and political narratives.

At 16:00, as part of the Jury’s Choice program, the festival is showing a program of short films selected by the artist Marko Tadić, The Mimoids. Alongside his own work Events Meant to Be Forgotten, we will be watching four other films that employ the artistic possibilities and landscapes of videogames – virtual worlds coming together with other cultural spheres – in various striking ways.

At 18:00, the festival is showing the second competition block, Borders, Horizons, bringing together six films expanding the limits of the medium by reconstructing certain moments. The Q&A will feature the director of Evanescence, Mare Šuljak, and Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi, the director of Into the Violet Belly.

The final program of the day is scheduled for 20:00, showing the third Arty Facts. competition block. The four featured titles, including the middle-length film by the American filmmaker Deborah Stratman, Last Things, present a powerful encounter of the analogue and digital, present and past, creating cinematic situations in real spaces.

Photo: Deborah Stratman, Last Things