The Grand Finale of 25 FPS

After the award ceremony at 8pm, stick around for the screening of this year’s festival award winners and before that take a peek into the history of modern India and take a walk around the Croatian experimental scene.

Five competitions and three days later, here we are at the end of the 15th 25 FPS Festival! Tonight at 8pm join us for the Award Ceremony, where the members of the international jury and critics’ jury will announce this year’s winners.

Yesterday’s competitions have yielded two more candidates for the audience award: Souvenir by Miriam Gossing and Lina Sieckmann and Past Perfect by Jorge Jácome. Who will finally take it home, find out tonight at 8pm.

A screening of Grand Prix winners follows after the award ceremony, which makes it an excellent opportunity to make up for what you might have missed or strengthen your knowledge by watching again.

Before closing time comes, join us for two other interesting events: at 4pm the jury member Shai Heredia will take us through the modernist heritage of Indian cinema. At 6pm the Reflexes section will present intriguing titles from the Croatian experimental and artistic scene and introduce us to their authors.

Looking forward to seeing you!

STILLS: Abid, Currents, Till the End of the Thread