Awards of the 12th 25 FPS Festival

The Grand Jury have unanimously reached a decision to jointly award three works with the Grand Prix and to give one special mention.


By locating science fiction within archeology, the film celebrates the reclaiming of agency through cartography, language and myth-making. For the richness of its research and engagement we give our special mention to Andrés​ Padilla Domene for Ciudad Maya.


A humane study of the divorce between an artist and their work. The film is an expansive and philosophical minature attuned to the precarious experience of value. We award our first Grand Prix to Shumona Goel and Shai Heredia for An Old Dog's Diary.


A work that discovers a feral wilderness within data. A tactile, sensual and humorous invitation to get lost. For its orgasmic disollution of space-time we award our second Grand Prix to Peter Burr for The Mess.


A film that conjures a new materialism in the cinema, a remarkable series of objects fluctuating between the atomic and the cosmic. Austere and inscrutable yet resolutely sensual and hypnotic. For its singularity we grant our third Grand Prix to Manuela De Laborde for As Without so Within.


Peter Burr’s film The Mess quite convincingly combines a formal experiment, clear and consistent narrative and an interesting conceptual proposition. The philosophical dimension of the film is a reflection of the dialectic relationship between man and technology. Using the nostalgic aesthetic of 1980s and 1990s computer games, the author erases the boundaries between the theatre screen and the computer screen, as well as between elite art and mass culture. The film impressively reflects the contemporary social moment when the material and virtual spheres start growingly to resemble two sides of the same reality.


This year we decided to award the film that works on many levels. It is an animated travelogue through the history of Croatian avant-garde, and an abstract meditation about the artistic process - its ideas, potentials and hesitations. Green DCP Award goes to Moving Elements by Marko Tadić.


EHelena Ungaretti, Miguel Antunes Ramos, Alexandre Wahrhaftig