Competition Program 2016

Competition Program is rounded and here are filmmakers and films selected in 2016. Congratulations and see you in Zagreb!

489 Years, Hayoun Kwon, FR, 2016
A Distant Episode, Ben Rivers, 18, UK, 2015
An Old Dog's Diary, Shumona Goel, Shai Heredia, IN, 2015
As Without So Within, Manuela De Laborde, US, MX, UK, 2016
B-ROLL with Andre, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, US, 2015
Bøygen, Kristian Pedersen, NO, 2016
Ciudad Maya, Andrés Padilla-Domene, FR, 2016
Darwin Darwah, Arash Nassiri, FR, 2016
E, Helena Ungaretti, Miguel Antunes Ramos, Alexandre Wahrhaftig, BR, 2014
Jagata, Daniel Jacoby, NL, PE, ES, JP, 2015
Josef - Täterprofil meines Vaters, Antoinette Zwirchmayr, AT, 2015
The Last Train, Dianna Barrie, AU, 2016
Lili, An van Dienderen, BE, 2015
The Mess, Peter Burr,  US, 2016
Navigator, Björn Kämmerer, AT, 2016
Not Even Nothing Can Be Free Of Ghosts, Rainer Kohlberger,  AT, DE, 2016
Perlenmeere, Katrina Daschner, AT, 2016
Pokretni elementi, Marko Tadić, HR, 2016
Rhus Typhina, Alexandra Moralesova, Georgy Bagdasarov, CZ, AM, 2014
Scenes from a Sketchbook, Amit Dutta, IN, 2016
Something Between Us, Jodie Mack, US, UK, AU, 2015
STELLA 50.4N1.5E, Elsa Brès, FR, 2016
Sve bih ostavio ovdje, Ivan Faktor, HR, 2016
Um campo de aviação, Joana Pimenta, US, PT, BR, 2016