Day Three at 25 FPS: Expanding Horizons and Freedom Zones

Day three at the 25 FPS Festival is marked by expanding the mind, horizons and personal freedoms: Randa Maroufi helps us explore the legacy of feminism in Out of the Walls programme, we delve into abstract landscapes of the audiovisual performance Jung An Tagen + Rainer Kohlberger in Expanded Cinema, and explore dreamlike landscapes of the mind and spirit in the last two competition programmes.

​At 6pm join us for Competition 4: Dreamscapes, consisting of six cinematic portraits of faces, cities and spaces and leading us into the hidden landscapes of the mind. The festival guest Noemi Osselaer is presenting her film Erpe-Mere. At 8pm we’ll be watching the last competition section, Competition 5: Visions, five transformative, psychedelic titles overwhelming with fantastic visuals and expanding your horizons. Other authors to introduce their films are Stefano Canapa (Further Radical), Marko Tadić (Events Meant to Be Forgotten) and Dorian Jespers (Sun Dog).

After each competition you can vote for your favourites and help choose the Audience Award. In yesterday’s competitions the most votes went to Kyungwon Song's Jesa and Veneta Androva's From My Desert.

At 4pm we meet Randa Maroufi, the Moroccan-French filmmaker and artist and this year’s jury member. For her Jury’s Choice slot Maroufi has curated a programme Out of the Walls, seven titles exploring the legacy of feminism and the role of women in society, history, revolutions and art itself, from France to Maghreb.

The day closes at 10pm with Expanded Cinema and an audiovisual performance by Jung An Tagen + Rainer Kohlberger, with these artists immersing themselves into a computer-generated landscape to blur the boundaries between the internal and the external world.

Tickets for each screening should be booked through the Entrio system, as one of the safety measures due to the current epidemiological situation. More details about the other measures are available here.

See you at 25 FPS!

Photos: Barbès, Jung An Tagen + Rainer Kohlberger, Further Radical, Erpe-Mere